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Bend Soap is growing and building!

We are excited to announce that we are growing and expanding, folks!

And what do all growing and expanding businesses often find themselves in need of????

A new building ….

Our soap-making venture has required that a new facility be secured for making all this sudsy awesome-ness. :-)

Fortunately, we don’t have to start from scratch, but are instead modifying and expanding an existing building on the property.

Step #1 — Re-roof the building.

When considering a facility in which to make soap, it must first be weather tight.  We don’t want any leaks that might result in premature sudsing and bubbles on the premises.

Bobcat lifting plywood up to roof - Bend Soap Company

Bobcat lifting plywood up to roof

All the metal had to be removed and plywood sheeted back down.  Then black paper.

Helpers on the roof - Bend Soap Company

Burnell and Orin and Isaiah Z (friend)

These guys were busy black papering and nailing off their 2nd side.  So proud of the crew that stuck with it the whole day.

Dwight, Burnell, and Orin - Bend Soap Company

Dwight, Burnell, and Orin

Then they put the metal back on.  The weather was perfect for this project – not too much wind, not too cold, not too hot.

The men up on the roof - Bend Soap Company

The men up on the roof

The Johnson men — makin’ it happen!  This is actually the 5th roofing project these guys have been a part of in the last few years, come to think of it.  By now they are quite sure-footed and comfortable up there.

Just finished at sunset - Bend Soap Company

Sunset and finishing up

Dwight - All Finished! Bend Soap Company

Dwight – All Finished!

We’ll keep you posted on the next phases …



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