Checkout Troubleshooting

Our single page checkout is a little different than other online stores. If you’re having some difficulty navigating the checkout process you may find these instructions helpful.

When you hit “proceed to checkout” you should be sent to a page with the heading “Secure Checkout.” If you scroll down you should see “step 1: Billing details” right below the words “Secure Checkout.” You’ll be asked to enter a shipping and billing address then click the yellow box which says “Bill and ship to this address”

checkout 1

You will then be prompted to complete a few more steps in the checkout process. With the final step being “Order Confirmation”

checkout 2

You’ll then be taken to the payment information step

checkout 3

I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any other questions or you experiencing difficulties with our checkout page please call us at (541)241-6185 or email us at

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