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Gardeners get soft hands!


Gardener Soft hands

Are the words “Gardener” and “Soft hands” allowed to be in the same sentence? :-)  When I think of a gardener’s hands, I think DRY, DIRTY, and Worn … anything but SOFT.  But that’s not how it should be.

With the right help, your hands can remain soft – even if you garden without gloves (like I do!) :-)

Yes, indeed!  SOFT!Goat Milk Soap - soft hands

Why?  Because with Bend Soap Company’s All Natural Goat Milk Soap, made with superior hydrating ingredients, your skin drinks it up and hydrates itself.  The fresh Goat Milk is the key ingredient, along with Coconut, Olive, and Palm Oils.  Want to learn more about the benefits of goat milk?

Moisturized, soft hands can now be yours.  What the dirt wants to steal and strip away, you can replenish by lathering up with a bar from your all natural goat milk soap stash.

Washing hands, soap bubbles

This soap is unlike lots of “homemade” soaps.  You’ll find no funky, dyed, slimy bars here.  Only creamy, natural-colored bars with super lather that make you want to keep washing your hands over and over.  And you CAN, because the bars naturally hydrate your skin instead of dry it out.  Careful, you might find that washing your hands is your new favorite activity.

More about these awesome soaps

Don’t have your stash on hand yet?  Shop here and keep some on hand for every occasion this summer – from working on greasy machines, to gardening, to dolling up for a wedding.  Our Goat Milk soaps are here to keep your skin healthy, clean, and soft.

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