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Give a Cheer, Mother’s Day is Here!

Well, Mother’s Day is almost here.

Don’t worry. You still have some time to find that perfect expression of appreciation and admiration that will knock her socks off.

Naturally, We Suggest that you Give Her Flowers unlike any other:

 The Mother’s Day Soap Bouquet

A Mother’s Day Spa Retreat


In anticipation of this great day, and the great moms we get to celebrate, we’ve created a special Mother’s Day Soap Bouquet gift basket.

Our Gardenia soap is great.

The English Garden soap – exquisite.

Lilac and Lily – always a hit.

Together, they are Blissful Perfection.

Their fragrances seamlessly blend to enchant the senses and our unique soaps rejuvenate the skin with soothing goat milk and premium plant oils.

In addition to the three bars of our awesome goat milk soap, we’ve added a Eucalyptus Spearmint Milk Bath in a Bag and two of our most popular goat milk lotions: Island Coconut and Sweet Orange. The Loofah and soap dish complete the basket, making for a complete spa experience in a tidy, convenient package.

Add a Little Excitement to Her Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Soap Bouquet

The Mother’s Day Soap Bouquet

Have her close her eyes and savor the heavenly aroma before she sees the gift itself. The floral scents will amplify her anticipation and her surprise at discovering this spa in a basket will send her over the edge.

Expect exuberant exclamations and don’t be surprised if your mother cancels brunch. It’s not uncommon for moms to disappear for hours in order to savor the all natural contents of their new gift baskets. She’ll be enjoying her amazing floral soaps long after everyone else’s flowers have wilted and passed.

You’re a mother too?!

Don’t forget about yourself. Drop a hint to your husband (like the soap bouquet on Facebook.) Or just add it to your cart when you’re ordering one for your mom.

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