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Help for Eczema! Goat Milk Soap made naturally

The itching …

The pain …

The bleeding ….

You are all too familiar with the trials that accompany eczema.  And it seems like everyone knows someone who has this condition, or is suffering themselves.  Your children, your nieces or nephews, grandchildren, friends, …  It was just that way with our son, Chance, who would constantly jump up and down since his legs itched so much.  It’s heart-breaking to watch some-one suffer and not know how to fix the problem.  We tried all sorts of things to help.

You’ve tried it all, too.

Lotions … that only burn

Prescriptions … causing you to hope

Shots … expensive treatments that only last for a week or two

Steroids …

A lot is recommended, but does any of it work?

You’ve heard it before …

  • Avoid chemicals on your skin
  • Avoid dyes
  • Avoid parabens (often found in lotions)
  • Avoid drying agents (detergents, alcohols)
  • Avoid synthetic preservatives
  • Often you will hear that showering and bathing infrequently can help.  This is because when you put water on your skin, the natural evaporation process leaves you feeling dryer than before.  Not to mention, the soap that you used might cause drying as well.

Have you ever found any products that avoid all these things?


Lotion Aisle

Looking for lotions without harmful ingredients can be discouraging

Seriously, you’ve shopped the aisles in the stores.  You know … its hard to find anything truly natural.  Even if you do find a “natural” soap, it often has natural ingredients … along with junk.  You find an “organic” lotion, and it’s full of parabens and synthetic preservatives … oh, and maybe an organic ingredient or 2.  It’s frustrating!

Welcome to Bend Soap Company!  Your skin’s new best friend is here …

All Natural Lavender goat milk soap for eczema

Lavender Goat Milk Soap for eczema – 100% All Natural

When researching possible solutions to our son’s eczema condition, we found that goat milk soap really helps.  But wait … it get’s better.  Researching further, we found that all the chemicals and toxins in our current skin care products were causing further irritation.  We’d been drinking goat milk for years, but had never considered making soap with it.  However, it was worth a try.

We were amazed at the results!!  Using the amazing oils we chose (coconut, olive, and palm oils), along with the fresh goat milk, our new soap was made.  W eagerly tried it.  It lathered up so well!  Our skin felt so soft after using it, and clean as well.  It was wonderful knowing that we were using something wholesome and natural for our skin.  The soaps were fabulous!

And our son’s eczema went away as he soaked in his oatmeal ‘n honey milk bath.  Our product Milk Bath in a bag is ideal for soaking.  And, instead of a quick shower or bath, he can soak as long as he likes.  In fact, the longer, the better.  His skin was naturally hydrated and moisturized INSTEAD of DRIED OUT.  So exciting.  His skin never itches any more and the eczema has never come back.  We know that it is not “cured” but it hasn’t come back, so long as he keeps using the soap.


We want you to have the same results.

Milk Bath in a bag - a salt free goat milk soap hydrating bath for eczema

Soak as Cleopatra once did with this salt-free goat milk soap Milk Bath in a bag. Great for eczema.

We’ve been taking our soap all over the west coast and shipping it all over the world and we keep getting the same feedback.  The soap is really helping those with skin sensitivities, irritations, psoriasis and eczema.  Try it for yourself!

We recommend our most gentlest soaps to start:  Pure ‘n Natural, Oatmeal ‘n Honey, Lavender.  If you like baths, you will love these “salt-free” soaks that are totally hydrating for your skin.

Be sure to stay tuned as our new 100% All Natural (Paraben, allergen and toxin FREE!!) Goat Milk Lotion will be arriving soon.


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One Response so far.

  1. Dan Friedman says:

    Dear Chance,

    Glad to hear that you found relief. Your folks were very persistent, I guess because they love you so much.

    I too have eczema (after 65 years of having skin like Cleopatra – just joking) and the soaps and lotion have really helped.

    So, I guess that we’re both real lucky that your parents tried so hard.

    A good lesson for us all.

    Good luck!

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