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Last minute gifts – All Natural, Handmade Soaps

Looking for last-minute gift options for your loved ones??

Gift Basket - All Natural Spa Treatment, Goat Milk Soaps

Super Spa Set: Large Gift Basket – including 3 All Natural Goat Milk Soaps, 2 Milk Baths, Loofah Pouch and Soap Dish

Pamper and love their SKIN with Bend Soap Company All Natural Goat Milk Soap.  Don’t settle for cheap soaps made from glycerins and synthetic vegetable oils.  These soaps may “look” cute, but they often don’t lather well, or leave your skin feeling slimy and … not clean! And, they are probably full of harmful dyes that you really don’t want on your skin.

A good soap should make you feel clean and smooth — without drying your skin, without leaving you feeling like there’s a slime all over you, and without putting chemicals, dyes and other junk on your skin.

Don’t settle for less than Bend Soap Company’s All Natural Goat Milk Soap.  Our soaps are made with quality oils – Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Palm Oil.  Nourishing and Hydrating and full of nutrients and antioxidants that your skin will LOVE!!!  You won’t find us using any GMO oils (like canola or corn or soy).  Only the best quality oils for your skin.

Goat Milk adds an even extra benefit as it lathers well and makes your skin feel oh, so soft!  Cleopatra once used to bathe in milk baths to make her skin soft.  Now, you can do the same, with our goat milk soaps.  We use fresh goat milk, using milk from our own goats!  Our family milks the goats daily to obtain this wonderful ingredient.  Other soap companies that make goat milk soap might only use powdered goat milk, or goat milk “extract”.  Don’t settle for less than the best.  Every bar of soap we make is over 26% goat milk!  To learn more about the benefits of Goat Milk, click here.

Give your loved ones an awesome spa treatment that they will never forget.  Gift sets are available that include super-softening Goat Milk Soaps, Milk Baths™, Loofah pouches, and Wooden Soap Dishes in festive, decorative, reusable tins.

Soft Hands, beautiful hands, smooth hands, clean hands, young hands

Feel the difference! Hydrate and soften your skin with Bend Soap Company goat milk soaps.

Once you try our soaps … it’s hard to go back to anything else.  Feel the difference!

Super softening nutrients, like Vitamin E, and other antioxidants help to nourish your skin.  Enjoy a Milk Bath in a bag, soaking from head to toe, and enjoying soft skin again.  Hand out soaps or Mini Milk Baths to friends, family, co-workers, and those hard to buy for acquaintances.  Unique, special, practical, and creative … all at the same time.

Visit our website to order today! www.bendsoap.com

It’s not too late for your last minute gifts!  Order by 3:00 and get SAME DAY SHIPPING (Mon-Fri)!  All orders ship Priority Mail – which should get to you within 2-3 days via the US Postal Service.

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