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Lavender Soap — All Natural Ingredients, including fresh Goat Milk

Lavender Soap

All Natural Lavender goat milk soap for eczema

Our featured product today is our wonderful Lavender Soap.  Made by Bend Soap Company with All Natural Ingredients, of course!  This bar is 100% Natural and your skin will thank you when you use it!

What’s in it??

  • Fresh Goat Milk — Our creamy formula includes our fresh goat milk from the farm.  That’s right … directly from the farm.  Our boys love to help milk the goats.  We use this wonderful ingredient to make this super-lathering and hydrating bar.  Goat milk is exfoliating, as well as nourishing.  Other soaps can’t compete with the softness of fresh goat milk soap.  Every bar has over 26% goat milk in it – as opposed to water, goat milk powder, or goat milk extract.  Just creamy goodness for your skin.


  • Scent:  Unlike those other toxic smelling lavender soaps, Bend Soap Company’s lavender soap is scented with pure lavender essential oil for a delightfully floral fragrance that is not overpowering.  Lavender essential oil has calming and soothing properties that make it a wonderful aromatic choice for the shower or bath.  A natural addition to every home’s bath and body care store.


  • Quality, Non-GMO oils .  This is important since your are putting this soap on your skin.  Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and you don’t want those cheap oils on it.  Canola and other “vegetable oils” are code for GMO.  Here at Bend Soap Company, we use only Coconut, Olive, and Palm oils.  Selected for their super nourishing properties, these oils are full of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that nourish your skin.


  • Lavender buds – this lavender soap is full of tiny lavender buds for a soft and natural exfoliating experience.  The lavender soap is a natural loofah bar.  If you are the non-loofah type, try our Hint ‘o Lavender soap.


Goat Milk Soap Milk Bath in a bag - eczema bath soak

Milk Bath in a bag – the perfect soak to help your skin hydrate and recover

That’s it!!  There are no extra fillers, no detergents, no alcohols, no parabens, no phthalates, no preservatives, and no synthetic ingredients either.  No JUNK! Just pure wholesome goodness for your body.

Once you try this soap, you’ll never go back to anything else.

Try it once, use it for life!

In addition, try this lavender soap in a Milk Bath for hydrating results from head to toe.  We offer this luxurious skin treatment – our Milk Bath in a Bag.  Add a handful to a warm bath and watch the soap dissolve and turn the bath a milky white.  Soak  for 10-15 minutes or more.  Allow the dead skin cells to slough off leaving baby-soft skin behind.

These are wonderful products for anyone suffering from eczema as well. Gentle and non-irritating.

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