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More baby goats: Final edition

And the goats continue to arrive…. :-)

Our last 2 does have finally kidded.  Patches, and her daughter, Gentle Lady have given us another doeling and 2 bucklings bringing the total kid count for the spring up to:

5 doelings (girls) and 4 bucklings (boys)

Patches was HUGE and we were guessing that she maybe had triplets in there!  And yet, only 1 arrived.  Just goes to show, you never can tell.  However, I will say that this doeling was the largest kid I’ve ever seen delivered!  Dwight and I actually had to help with the birth as Patches had pushed and pushed with all her might but was unable to deliver.  Here they are:

IMG_1934 (2)

Vienna attended her first birth! :-)  She loves her Daddy, loves being outside, and loves the goats.

IMG_1897     Vienna and baby goat


Then, the last doe to kid was Gentle Lady.  We all love this goat (and she’s my favorite for sure).  Gentle Lady, like her sister Brown Sugar, was also born this spring (April).  This is her first kidding, and she blessed the farm with 2 little bucklings.  Gentle Lady had no trouble at all and we found both kids born, washed, and walking around when we went up to check on her.  Well done, little friend.  Both her kids are THE sweetest kids of the year, adoring attention and love.  Wyatt enjoyed sitting in the sun with the new little ones, holding 1 foot in each hand.  Oh my … photo op! :-)

Wyatt and goat kids  IMG_1986

We are having a blast right now visiting the goats every day and playing with them so they will be quite tame and sweet.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood, give us a call. :-)  They are only so small for so long … I love baby animals.

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