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Spring kidding season continues on the farm

May has been a busy month here on the farm!

2 more does have kidded, with 2 more to go.

Meet Brown Sugar and her sweet little doeling, born May 5th.

IMG_1605 (2)   IMG_1603 (2)   IMG_1615


Brown Sugar was only born last April, so this is her first kidding and first freshening (as the goat lingo goes).  A healthy little kid and kidding were hers to claim.  As the story goes, we showed up one afternoon to check on the goats… and there were the two of them!  The little doeling was already bouncing around in the sunshine!  She is the spittin’ image of her mama, with those adorable long, floppy, white ears.  We’ve been enjoying her so much already.  This little one also has a way of hiding.  So many times, we’ll look all over for her (beginning to panic!) … only to find her quite calm and relaxed … under the hay feeder. :-)  Chance and I were up visiting today and had fun playing with her again!  I just love those ears!  We love this little one. :-)

IMG_1626IMG_1758 (2)IMG_1754 (2)


The most recent kidding is from Skitso – who for this week I shall rename Triumphant!  She is such an amazing doe.  Typically, she’s never quite at ease around people.  The exception is when she has just kidded.  Then, she stands still and lets all of us take care of her and her babies.

She and I have been through a lot together these last 3 years.  She has a bit of trouble delivering each year, and Dwight and I have had to help her by “pulling the kids” these last 2 years.  This year was not different.  It was on Saturday morning that we realized that she was in labor.  And not only was she in labor, but it appeared that the kid was stuck and not going to enter this world on its own.  So, with Vienna on my back, and Dwight holding her, I helped ease the kids out while she pushed … and she wound up having triplets! AGAIN! for the 3rd year in a row.  What an amazing goat.  She’s such a trooper.  Here she is with her grand little troop:

IMG_1748 (2)     IMG_1697

Skitso had 2 doelings and 1 buckling on Saturday, May 11th.  Can you guess which are which??

In the 1st photo: the 2 on the left with the soft brown ears are the doelings.  And the 1 on the right with the white ears is the buckling.  All 3 have latched and are nursing well … something we have to help with – especially when triplets are born.  Skitso is being the perfect mama and standing still (even with her hurt leg) so that all her little ones can find what they need.  Occasionally, a doe will reject one of the kids, but our Skitso has taken to them all!  YEAH!

IMG_1735   IMG_1776 (2)   IMG_1704

I just love these little sleeping sister siblings, all snuggled up in the sunshine.  Chance adores the little ones, too, especially the ones with the soft, brown ears.  And Vienna makes her acquaintance with one of the goats, as well.  Not sure what she’s thinking? :-)

We’ll keep you posted on all the happenings here on the farm.

A parting shot:  Chance with Gentle Lady, who is expecting her first kid(s) soon.

IMG_1749 (2)

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