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The Milk Bath Foot Soak

Foot Soak

What is THIS???  It’s a Milk Bath soak, just for your feet.  Those achy, runned-on, busy, everywhere-at-once parts of your body that deserve a little TLC every now and then.  The Bend Soap Co Milk Bath Foot Soak is THE VERY THING to wash the wear away.

I’m a mother of 7 … and I’m on my feet all day — each and every day.  Whew!  I love being a mother, by the way.  I love all the trips to the laundry to change it, love all the time at the sink washing dishes, love booking around the kitchen making meals, love racing around and cleaning up, love following my little men around to “watch” what they’re up to, love leading them on adventures.  What a gift!  Seriously.  And my feet get worked, let me tell you.  And, there’s not always time to take care of myself.

Confession:  I don’t like to take the time to tie my own shoes.  I usually just drop into my favorite work boots, or slip into my flip-flops.  Flip-flops, mostly.  My feet get pretty thrashed and dirty.  Sometimes, all I need is a nice soak to help rejuvenate and take the day’s dirt and grime away.

So, what is a Milk Bath Foot Soak?  It’s really a Milk Bath that you put your feet in (I just named it a Foot Soak just now).  Specifically, it’s our wonderful, ALL NATURAL (yeah!) Goat Milk soap that we’ve time-savingly grated for your convenience so that it dissolves easily into warm water.  Watch the water bubble and turn a milky white.  Then allow the nourishing milk and oils to soak into your skin.  The skin is the body’s largest organ and it’s busy all day protecting us … and oh, how it loves this “treatment.”  Especially if you have eczema or psoriasis — this is tops for rehydrating and healing.  Even if you don’t have a dry skin condition, we all love a good soak.

The foot soak is super easy!

1.  Start with your favorite scent in a Milk Bath in a bag (or Mini Milk Bath).

  • Want to relax? Choose Lavender.
  • Need uplifting?  Pick a minty scent like Peppermint, Double Mint, or Eucalyptus Spearmint.
  • Need an extra moisturizing soak? Oatmeal ‘n Honey, baby.
  • Feeling the love?  Tropical Vacation or Warm Vanilla Sugar
  • Delight in florals?  Gardenia, English Garden, Lilac ‘n Lily

The hardest part is picking the scent — since they are all SOOOOO good. :-)  But, once you do decide, add a pinch to a handful in a bowl.  My husband got me these large, stainless steel bowls that work just perfectly (Thank you, Hunny!).


2.  Add warm water.  Feet are often sensitive, so don’t go too hot — or else you’ll be hovering over the water, waiting for it to cool. :-)  I know this from prior experience.IMG_3689

3.  Enjoy the bubbles!!!  I love how bubbly our soap is – just sayin’. :-)  Who needs synthetic, dye-filled, toxic bubble bath when you can have an all natural one?


4.  Swirl the water and soap until dissolved and then soak those weary toes and heels and ankles.  After just 10-15 minutes, use your hand to rub at those rough spots and feel the skin sloughing away!  I’m always amazed when this happens!  I can’t get enough … I just keep rubbing and rubbing.  And, I get smoother and smoother.  Bye-bye rough heels. :-)


5.  When you’re through, dry off and rub in some of our All Natural Goat Milk Lotion for the final touch. Ah … your skin will thank you for this fine treatment.

The mahvelous Foot Soak is also something you can do at any point during the day, adding a bit of luxury to your regular routine.

  • while you’re watching a movie
  • while you’re reading a book
  • while you’re giving the children their own Milk Bath in the tub
  • while you’re sipping tea on the lanai (when in Hawaii) or the veranda (here on the mainland)
  • while you are chatting on the phone

The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy a moment by yourself, or make it a group event

  • with your spouse for a fun date night … while watching a movie? and eating popcorn! (I love popcorn!)
  • with your children, just for fun (love their smiles!)
  • with your friends, while chit-chatting and catching up
  • with Mama, when she comes for a visit

You’re going to LOVE this wonderful pampering time.  Just watch, it will soon be a tradition in your home, as it is in mine. :-)

Incorporate the Milk Bath Foot Soak into your day today by ordering here.


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