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‘Tis the Season – the first baby goats of the year were born

The babies just keep on coming.

Introducing our two new additions to the farm…

Boys introducing the Kids

Born on Valentine’s Day evening February 14th, 2013 to our proud Chewy (pictured below, left)

Our family took a quick ride up in the golf cart that night to see the new little ones.  Everyone grabbed their headlamps and jaunted off to see how many babies Chewy had.  Two, very healthy kids greeted us.  We left them alone until morning, when we all went back to help make sure the kids had attached to their mama.  Attaching is very important, and often takes a little help from us on the first day.  These kids were strong and healthy and had no problems.  Congratulations, Chewy, for a job well done!

The boys love the new goats. Every day they head up to the goat pen and play with Denny and his sister.

Mama goat and her buckling

Chewy and Denny bonding in the morning sunshine

This year’s goat crop is tremendously adorable! Denny, the buckling, was named by Chance. He sports a fashionable brown coat and wears a white sock on his fore leg to keep warm during these chilly winter nights and you can’t miss his conspicuous white toupee. Don’t worry Denny, we like you the way you are.

Bend Soap Company’s newest little female kid has yet to be named! We need your help. Names have been flying left and right but nothing has stuck to our little doeling. She has a sweet yet spunky personality, loves to play with her brother and has a white patch on her belly.

We expect great things from theses two rising stars of the goat milk soap world.  Stay tuned for more goat adventures with the Johnson clan.



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