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Winter on the farm – Celebrating 1 year


Fresh snow in Bend Oregon on our farm

A fresh snow

Dwight - goat milk soap orders - Bend Soap Company

Dwight loaded up with orders to ship!

What a fun season it is … and it’s only just begun!!

November and December were full of shipping  out your orders and restocking all our awesome retail stores in Central Oregon.  We are so blessed by you all.  Bend Soap Company products were given as gifts all over the country this season!  You obviously LOVE our soaps and Milk Bath’s  and were eager to share them with your loved ones.  YEAH!  Aren’t they the BEST??? :-)

Bend Soap Company celebrated it’s official 1-year anniversary in December!  WOW!  What a year it was!  Starting from scratch, to this fun growing business … so exciting!  We are glad to keep producing wonderful, quality, natural products that you and your SKIN love.  The holiday scents were a HIT — Cinnamon Sugar and Apple Pie being the top sellers.  We also sold out of the festive Sleigh Baskets which we hope to bring back next year.

A new surprise product is also coming soon … so keep checking back.  Or subscribe (on the right) so you will be sure not to miss it!  You are going to LOVE this new skin-loving product.

We’d love to hear from you!  How did you hear about us?  What is your favorite product and why?  Share your stories on our FB page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bend-Soap-Company/197039100380655) and receive a FREE Milk Bath in a bag™ with your next order.

Boys shipping packages of goat milk soap - Bend Soap Company

Boys helping with shipping orders

Part of the beauty about this wonderful home-based business is the opportunity to work with our family – instead of away from our family.  Our boys have loved helping out in the office this winter.  Burnell can regularly be seen pulling orders and helping Kara with the packing.  He even goes around the house with an old cell-phone taking pretend “orders.”  One of these days, you might just call and talk to him. :-)  Wyatt has the special job of helping Mama restock the shelves, which he takes very seriously.

Besides being in the office, the boys have been working on their school work, music (fiddle and piano), spanish lessons (Rosetta Stone rocks!), typing lessons, and other educational activities.  There’s always something to learn.

Goat Milk Soap - Bend Soap Company, Oregon

Wyatt helping stock the shelves




Marilee and goat expecting at the same time - Bend Soap Company

Who will go first??

Marilee is in her 9th month, expecting another little Johnson baby in January.  We haven’t checked via ultrasound, so this little one will be a real surprise!  A 7th boy??  Or our very 1st girl??  The anticipation is quite high at the moment.  Marilee has been enjoying many a relaxing Lavender Milk Bath in a bag™ to help with stretch marks and relaxation before baby arrives.  Ahhhh …. winter is the perfect time for a good soak. :-)

Our sweet doe, Chewy, is due in January as well.  She is likely to kid twins or triplets.
Again, we are eager to find out what she is carrying, how many, and see what colors they are.  Our wonderful buck, Willy Goat, throws off all sorts of colors … from white to black, soft tans to reddish browns.

We don’t normally plan on having our does kid in January, but our billy busted into the pen with the does earlier in the year … and Chewy got pregnant.  So, while the rest of the does are being bred right now, Chewy is expecting.  As is our experience, the does often pass up the warmer, milder days and wind up kidding on the coldest nights out there!  There is a full moon tonight … and cold temperatures.  It could be ….  We’ll keep you posted.

On beautiful winter mornings after a fresh SNOW, you can find the boys bundling up before breakfast and racing outside to play in the snow.  I love their eager, enthusiastic, adventuresome spirits!  Building snowmen, sledding down the awesome hill behind the house, eating icicles, bouncing on a snow-laden trampoline, or having Daddy pull them behind the quad (the ultimate fun!).  What a joy this season is.


Bend Soap Company - Johnson boys in the winter snow

Ready to go play in the snow!


Thank you for a wonderful year … from all of us here at Bend Soap Company!

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